Secure Off-Site Storage Solutions with CSS

We all know the feeling: that sinking dread as you stare at a room overflowing with boxes, files, folders, and more boxes, oh my! Dealing with overflowing file rooms and a mounting need for off-site storage solutions can be overwhelming whether you’re running out of space for important documents or your file room is becoming unmanageable. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to take control of your storage situation!

In today’s digital age, businesses and organizations are generating an ever-increasing volume of physical and digital records. Managing this growing mountain of information presents a significant challenge, especially when it comes to storage of the physical boxes and files. Whether it’s compliance requirements, limited office space, or the need for secure document archiving, effective records storage solutions are essential for maintaining organization, accessibility, and regulatory compliance.

The future is secure, the past is preserved, with secure offsite storage by CSS.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the critical reasons why businesses should prioritize professional records storage services and explore how these solutions can streamline operations while safeguarding valuable information. Let’s unlock the benefits of strategic records storage together.

CSS: Your Partner in Secure Offsite Storage

At CSS, we understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we focus on providing top-notch secure offsite storage solutions to take the burden of physical document management off your shoulders.

  • Unmatched Security and Confidentiality: Free up valuable office or file room space by entrusting your physical records and boxes to our safe and secure facility. Our rigorous check-in/out processes safeguard your documents from unauthorized access which means you can rest easy knowing your files are protected 24/7.
  • Climate-Controlled Environment: We understand that certain documents require specific storage conditions. Our climate-controlled facilities ensure your files are preserved in optimal conditions, preventing warping, fading, and other damage caused by extreme temperatures or humidity.
  • Expert Organization and Retrieval: Lost in a labyrinth of labels? Our document management experts can help you establish a clear and efficient indexing system, making box retrieval a breeze. Need a specific box in a hurry? Our efficient retrieval system offers three response levels to suit your urgency:
    • Regular Service: If a request is submitted before 3:00pm, the requested box(es) will be delivered before the end of the next business day.
    • Rush Service: Need it faster? We’ll retrieve and return your boxes by the end of the business day they’re requested if your request is submitted before 10:00am that day, or after 3:00pm the day prior.
    • Panic Service: In a real bind and need it faster than fast? We offer retrieval and return of records within 3 business hours. That’s right – you’ll receive your box(es) within 3 hours of the confirmed request.
    • Plus: we’ve just added information about our Manic Panic Rush Service which allows for pick-ups or deliveries of boxes outside of regular business hours, and/or on the weekends.
  • The CSS File Box Advantage: Keep your documents organized and protected with our high-quality file boxes. Made from sturdy, durable materials, these boxes can withstand the test of time. Our boxes are also designed with easy labeling and identification with spaces on either side of the box for manually writing on the box or adhering a label or barcode.
  • Flexibility and Scalability at its Finest: No minimum time commitments here! Store your records for as long as you need, or for as little. Need them back? No problem! Our flexible plans ensure you have the access you require without applicable hostage fees. Store as many boxes as you need to when you need them off-site, or store as few boxes as you need to when they’re needed on-site – we scale with you!
  • No Hidden Fees: Say goodbye to surprise charges! At CSS, you won’t be hit with hidden fees, hostage charges, or other unknown or miscellaneous charges while storing your records and boxes with us. Not even when you remove or destroy your records – transparency is our policy and we’re clear about our pricing difference. Our clear, easy-to-understand pricing is important to our clients, and it matters to us!

 Focus on What Matters Most

By partnering with CSS for your secure offsite storage needs, you’ll gain more than just organized records and boxes. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your documents are safe, secure, and readily retrievable while being managed by a trusted advisor. This translates into improved workflow for you and your team, increased productivity for everyone with quick guaranteed service timeframes, and a newfound freedom to focus on what matters most – running your business!

CSS: Your Concierge for Storage Solutions that Matter!

As a client of CSS, you can always rest easy knowing your important boxes are safe and secure with our offsite records program. We’ve offered this service for many years, and collaborate with our clients on their external records storage, other warehousing solutions, plus furniture and service needs for their workplaces. CSS is the Concierge that defines what a one-stop-shop really is showcasing the true meaning of one call is all it takes!

Contact CSS today for a no-obligation quote for all your records storage needs to help you transform your box management woes into a productivity paradise!

Say goodbye to paper piles that touch the sky,

CSS’s secure off-site storage keeps them organized and dry!

To Sub-Contract or Not – Why CSS Doesn’t Use Subcontractors!

In the realm of office moves and installations, the decision to engage subcontractors often seems like the go-to approach for many companies. It’s a conventional practice, but not one that CSS subscribes to. CSS stands apart by choosing not to use subcontractors in their operations. In this blog, we’ll delve into the rationale behind this choice, exploring both the drawbacks of subcontracting and the advantages of relying on an in-house team.

Disadvantages of Subcontracting

CSS’s reluctance to engage subcontractors stems from a profound understanding of the pitfalls associated with this approach:

  1. Lack of Commitment and Consistency: Subcontractors, compared to full-time employees, might lack the same level of dedication and commitment to client service. This disparity in engagement can significantly impact customer satisfaction.
  2. Security and Confidentiality Risks: Inconsistent uniforms and potential confidentiality breaches create a concerning scenario when subcontractors handle sensitive data during office moves—a red flag for CSS, where security is paramount.
  3. Quality Control and Communication Challenges: Maintaining consistent quality control becomes challenging when multiple entities are involved. Miscommunication between clients, the primary company, and subcontractors could affect the overall service experience.
  4. Accountability and Hidden Costs: Ambiguity in defining responsibilities among multiple parties often leads to accountability issues. Additionally, hidden costs or fees associated with subcontracting can significantly impact the project’s cost-effectiveness.
  5. Alignment with Company Culture: Mismatched company cultures between subcontractors and the primary service provider might result in a discordant service delivery, undermining the brand’s consistency.

Benefits of Not Using Subcontractors

At CSS, subcontracting is reserved for areas where specialized expertise beyond our capabilities is necessary, such as complex IT services or specialized installations such as a raised flooring for file shelving. CSS’s strategy pivots around harnessing the strengths of in-house teams, bringing an array of advantages:

  1. In-House Teams: The Pillars of Consistency and Ownership. Our in-house teams are the heartbeat of our service excellence. They don’t just follow CSS’s guidelines; they embody the spirit of our company in every task. Unlike subcontractors, these dedicated teams are deeply rooted in CSS’s culture, ensuring not just technical prowess but also a true connection with our values.
  2. Client-Focused Approach: Transparent Communication and Taking Ownership. We pride ourselves on being our clients’ go-to contact. This streamlined communication minimizes misunderstandings, ensuring a direct line to CSS throughout the project. With in-house teams taking complete ownership, accountability becomes second nature to every team member.
  3. Security and Confidentiality: Trust in Familiar Hands. Handling sensitive data during office transitions requires trust and thorough screening. Our internal teams undergo meticulous vetting, reducing security risks and guaranteeing confidentiality. They know the ins and outs of our operations, ensuring a smooth transition while safeguarding client data. Our uniforms are consistent, so our staff are easily identified.
  4. Efficiency and Expertise: Navigating Challenges Swiftly. Unexpected challenges are part and parcel of office moves. Our in-house teams, well-versed in our processes and industry expertise, tackle these hurdles head-on. Their rigorous training equips them to handle diverse situations, ensuring swift problem-solving without compromising timelines.
  5. Transparent Pricing and Genuine Relationships: With in-house teams, clients encounter transparent pricing, minimizing surprises. Our swift responses to client queries or changes in scope underscore our commitment to making clients feel valued throughout the project.
  6. CSS Promise: Building Lasting Bonds and Excellence. Our decision to stick with in-house teams goes beyond projects; it’s about nurturing lasting relationships. By prioritizing our teams, we prioritize forging enduring connections with our clients. Their satisfaction is our driving force, and our teams ensure a consistent experience that embodies CSS’s dedication to excellence.

Conclusion: Embracing the CSS Advantage

In summary, CSS stands firm in its dedication to maintaining control over service quality, security, and client satisfaction. By eschewing subcontractors, CSS ensures a seamless, efficient, and client-centric approach—an advantage worth considering for anyone seeking an office relocation partner.

Choosing a service provider with a dedicated in-house team can be a strategic move, ensuring not just a successful move or installation but a lasting partnership built on trust, consistency, and exceptional service delivery.

CSS’s commitment echoes beyond a mere business decision; it’s a testament to prioritizing client needs, guaranteeing reliability, and setting a higher standard in an industry often mired in complexities. Remember, the choice between subcontracting and in-house teams goes beyond logistics—it’s about ensuring your office transition is handled with care, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

Interested to learn more about the CSS advantage? Contact our office today!

Insights from Our Clients: Feedback Matters!

The Crucial Role of Customer Feedback in Shaping the Future of CSS Office Solutions

At CSS Office Solutions, we recognize the profound impact of customer feedback on our growth and service offering refinement. We gather client feedback consistently, so we stay on top of priorities for our clients to ensure we’re delivering exactly what they need for office services!

Our recent client survey, conducted in the summer of 2023, has not only unveiled fascinating statistics but has reinforced the importance of actively seeking and leveraging customer insights to enhance our offerings and ensure a superior client experience.

Our company values are integrity, craftmanship, collaboration, and support. Reviewing and actioning on the feedback in the client surveys assists our company in foundational approaches to reflect our corporate values = creating the most beneficial company offerings available in our industry.

If it’s important to our clients, then it needs to be on our radar of importance too!

In this blog, we’re sharing a couple of the results from our survey, so if you’re a lover of data the time to get excited is now!

A Window into Communication Preferences:

In a digital age dominated by various communication channels, understanding our clients’ preferences is key. According to our survey, a whopping 53% of respondents indicated that email is their preferred method of communication. This insight guides us to prioritize effective and timely communication through email channels. Additionally, the 20% preference for in-person communication reaffirms the value of personal connections in our client relationships. It’s not just about what we communicate but also how we communicate that matters most.

Unveiling Hidden Gems: The Move Management Revelation:

One of the most enlightening revelations from our survey was the discovery that more than half of our clients (53%) were unaware of CSS’s full-service Move Management offering. This emphasizes the need for better communication about the comprehensive suite of services we provide. As we aim to bridge this awareness gap, we’re excited to share that CSS offers Move Management without any additional cost when engaged for office moves and furniture service needs. We are very much about exceeding expectations through proactive communication and our learnings will help support how we can do better in this area.


Service Utilization Insights:

The survey brought to light numerous areas in which our clients recognize our exceptional performance! These strengths encompass adept communication, swift response times, and profound industry expertise. Additionally, the professionalism of our team and the caliber of their work received high praise, underscoring their steadfast dedication to delivering excellence. Pat on the back for CSS!!!

Beyond communication preferences and highlighting our areas of excellence, the survey delved into the utilization of our diverse service offerings. As CSS has over 10+ revenue streams, which breaks down into multiple facets of offerings related to offices, furniture, moving, and products, it is important to know what services are being used the most, or not as often. The data revealed that 20% of clients leverage our moving services, while 15% of respondents are engaging CSS for their internal service work. Plus, 2% utilize our specialized locksmith services, highlighting the varied needs of our clientele! These stats just graze the surface of detail, so when broken down into categories, it is amazing to see the diversified needs of our clients, but also great knowing that CSS has the expertise to service and provide it all! Understanding the service utilization patterns allows us to tailor our offerings and prioritize resources where they are most beneficial to our clients.

Client Satisfaction by the Numbers:

Numbers speak volumes, and our survey reinforced that our commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients. An impressive 85.19% of clients expressed the highest level of satisfaction with the performance of CSS Office Solutions. This strong satisfaction level is a testament to the dedication of our team and the effectiveness of our service delivery.

Our team is what supports our uniqueness – we value our team members so they in turn have the utmost care while servicing our clients.

The Catalyst for Positive Change:

Customer feedback serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change. It provides a roadmap for refining our processes, adapting to evolving needs, and ensuring that every interaction with CSS exceeds expectations. The insights gathered not only validate our successes but also spotlight areas for improvement, propelling us toward continuous innovation.

A Commitment to Evolution:

Our commitment to active listening and incorporating customer feedback is not just a one-time initiative; it’s a cornerstone of our ongoing strategy. We value the trust our clients place in us, and their feedback guides our evolution, ensuring that CSS Office Solutions remains a leading force in the office furniture service industry.

The Journey Ahead:

As we continue this journey of growth and continued improvement, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on how we’re implementing your valuable feedback. Your satisfaction will always remain at the core of everything we do!

Connect with Us:

Are you curious to learn more about what our clients had to say, or are you interested in sharing your insights with us?

Reach out anytime! We’re always eager to engage in conversations about our client experiences and explore the endless possibilities that arise from a client-centric mindset.

At CSS Office Solutions, your voice matters, and together, we’ll shape a future of unparalleled service excellence in office furniture!

Digitally Moving Forward with SiteDocs

Safety is a key component in our work environment, and especially in the industry of office moving.

How many site hazard assessment forms are you required to complete in a day? For CSS Office Solutions, depending on the sites our crew may visit in a day, it could be well up into the double digits. And with that it used to equal lots of paperwork and loads of physical pieces of paper that had to be handed in, tracked, recorded, and translated for safety stats. Plus, we all know that sometimes the physical paper disappears, or gets dropped in the snow or rain, and the information completed is lost and gone forever.

Better Managing our Safety Program

A number of years ago we sought to make a change in how we were managing our safety program. We came upon a program called SiteDocs that was introduced to CSS from a leading concrete company in Calgary. When it checked all our boxes and more, we decided to dive it and get it immediately intertwined into our safety program – and we’re sure happy we did! Now, this (and much more) safety information will forever be with our company, and all those juicy stats we all want to know are automatically calculated! Yes, yes, yes! It’s all true!

Customized Forms

This software has allowed us to create and customize our own forms and fields where required based on the type of work we do, and its all electronically completed! No matter where our staff are working, they have access to complete the necessary safety documents, and track hazards including uploading pictures. The software stores an incredible amount of other data such as being able to upload our safety policies and other pertinent policy documents to have right at our employee’s fingertips. With the added feature of adding certifications and trainings, such as forklift or fall protection, it has helped have this information handy when we’ve had to work at heights on a jobsite or operate a forklift at a different location. Our employees can open their app and present their certification right from the SiteDocs system to show to the general contractor or compliance manager!

Vehicles in Your Fleet?

Have company vehicles? We sure do! This program aids in the necessary safety checks and maintenance tracking we do for all our vehicles, service units and our 5-ton trucks! Checklists make it easy to instruct our drivers on what to look for, what needs to be checked each time, and what items can be checked less often. Again, the ability to upload pictures right into the form is an incredible handy piece for our procedures. How easy is it to have a vehicle concern flagged by an employee, pictures taken on the spot to upload and the report is instantly sent to the HR & Safety Manager to get the ball rolling on next steps. Just like that, and all the driver did was complete their check and made note of something that wasn’t regular. Want to know how many kilometers each unit has been driven, that’s an easy report and now supports creating the exact stats we need.

Supporting Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox meetings occur before any work is started and are conducted at the same time as the hazard assessments. One handy piece of added information in SiteDocs, is the feature of included toolbox topics. They are not all applicable to each industry, but it certainly helps when your teams are feeling as if they’re running out of content. They can simply login to the system and within seconds, you have a full toolbox meeting topic and information to share with your co-workers. What a brilliant addition, as it can sometimes seem like our crew is running on repeat as it was normally the same topics that would be brought up time and time again. Now, we’re able to mix it up quite a bit and include topics that are of importance, but never crossed their minds. At CSS, we’ve found this to be a practical part for our crew.

Why We Made the Switch – True and Transparent Compliance!

Transitioning our safety program management and tracking to SiteDocs has entirely transformed our in-house safety requirements! No more of our ‘safety IN’ basket being flooded with paperwork to review, check off from each job site or work location from each day, and no more lost paperwork! With the click of a few buttons, our team is able to view, verify, and communicate with the on-site crew about their safety documents.

At CSS Office Solutions we look back at how we were previously managing our safety program and couldn’t imagine operating our program, forms, employee access, etc. any other way! When we say that we now have true and transparent compliance, it isn’t a joke! We’re extremely proud of our exemplary safety record in our workplace, especially as compared with similar businesses. As our safety manual says on the front:

When everyone makes it home safely at the end of the workday, this is always a good day!

 Interested in learning more about SiteDocs or how CSS is managing our safety program?

Contact our office to have a conversation – we’re always willing to talk safety in the workplace!

Understanding Your Office Moving Company’s Insurance Coverage: Why It Matters!

Moving offices can be a complex and stressful process, requiring meticulous planning and attention to detail. One critical aspect that often gets overlooked is the insurance coverage offered by your chosen office moving company. Before entrusting your valuable items to an office furniture moving or service vendor, it’s essential to understand their insurance policies to ensure you are adequately protected in case of any unforeseen mishaps. Mishaps happens and sometimes accidents during an office move are unavoidable, and knowing what can be done in the event of a mishap is an item that should be on your pre-move checklist!

In this article, we will delve into the importance of discussing coverage options with your office move provider prior to hiring the company and highlight the key factors to consider when evaluating insurance coverage for your office move.

Insurance is in place for a variety of reasons, but most importantly its in place to ensure you, the customer and as well the vendor, are protected! This is why before any move project or furniture install is started, the client will likely request a certificate of insurance from the vendor. As a client, if you’re reviewing the COI, it is important to keep in mind that this document only confirms the type and amount of coverage. Read the fine print of the vendors’ damage/repair/replacement policy, and ask the important questions: what steps are taken and what coverage do you offer should an incident occur while my office items are being moved?

Reading the Fine Print:

When it comes to the safety and protection of your office items during a move, it’s crucial to go beyond the surface-level requirements and scrutinize the fine print, or reading between the lines, of your office moving company’s insurance coverage. While a certificate of insurance may demonstrate that the necessary general liability coverage is in place, it’s essential to understand what actual coverage is extended to you as a client in the event of damage or loss.

Replacement or repair costs are an important factor when analyzing the insurance coverage offerings and will vary from company to company.

Below is a general summary of two main types of typical coverage offered for items that may be damaged or need repair due to a mishap during relocation or moving.

Per Pound Coverage:

The minimum required replacement or repair based upon legal requirements in Canada is a dollar value based upon weight. This is more commonly used and found amongst residential movers as opposed to corporate moving companies. This coverage typically offers reimbursement for damaged or lost items based on a specific amount per pound. The reimbursement rate can range anywhere from $0.60 to $2.00 per pound. However, it’s essential to consider whether this valuation accurately reflects the true value of your office items.

An example to use as a reference point could be a piece of art. Think: how much does art usually weigh, framed or unframed? Does the offer of a per pound replacement based on the weight match the full-replacement-value of that piece of art if you had to replace the piece? A framed piece may only weight a few pounds, but even at fifty (50) pounds, the range of value you’re receiving as a customer would be: $30.00 (at $0.60/pound), up to a maximum of $100.00 (at $2.00/pound). At CSS, we’ve moved many pieces of art for our corporate clients, and we can almost guarantee that a per pound value for coverage would never come close to the value of the art!

The one clear advantage of this type of coverage is the standardization of knowing what to expect. As the vendor or the client, if you know the weight and the value ($0.60 or $2.00/pound), then there’s no question about the amount of coverage.

A word of caution!

There are only a handful of items that would have a matched value with their weight, that would fully compensate to the customer having to replace at item damaged during an office move.

There are moving vendors that offer this type of coverage and offer customers to additionally increase the value of their items – but of course, this comes with an added cost. Be weary and ask the questions upfront!

Full Value or Replacement Value Coverage:

Alternatively, some office moving companies offer coverage based on the full value or replacement value methodology. This approach assesses the actual worth of the damaged or lost item, taking into account factors such as its market value and condition. This method ensures that you are reimbursed for the full value of the item, regardless of its weight.

This ensures that as a customer, you’re able to have that item replaced or repaired without question, without using a valuation method that creates comfort and piece of mind!

Understanding the Difference:

The disparity between the per pound coverage and the full value or replacement value methodology is significant. When evaluating the replacement value of any office items, it becomes apparent that majority of items their worth extends beyond their weight. Consider items such as desks, whiteboards, monitors, or computers—how much are they truly worth when examined from a per pound value versus a full replacement value perspective?

Your items matter to you, and they should matter just as much to your office furniture moving company.

In conclusion, when selecting an office moving company, it’s crucial to prioritize insurance coverage and how repairs and replacements are handled. Asking the right questions upfront will help establish the coverage and method used to determine the value of each item. Also knowing that the certificate of insurance only confirms types and amount of coverage, but not the valuation or methodology used to determine repair/replacement values is a great tip.

Understanding the extent of coverage and the methodology used to evaluate the value of damaged or lost items can make a significant difference in ensuring a smooth and stress-free move.

CSS, Always Going the Extra Mile:

At CSS, we go above and beyond to provide our commercial clients with top-notch customer service, including comprehensive insurance coverage.

We also recognize that the full value of an item cannot be measured solely by its weight. We firmly believe that should an item be damaged during transport or installation, it should be restored to its original state without compromise! This is one of the reasons why we offer full value coverage, ensuring that our clients have peace of mind during the moving process. We prioritize our clients’ needs and work diligently to find the best outcome, guaranteeing that damaged items are replaced based on their true value, not their weight.

To learn more about our insurance policies and how we prioritize client comfort and peace of mind, reach out to our office today. Trust us with your office move, and we’ll handle the rest with utmost care and professionalism.

Are you using Space-as-a-Service?

At CSS Office Solutions, we’ve been carefully observing the trends, questions, and articles that relate to the industry of office moving and setups, not only throughout the pandemic but continuing into the now. There is lots of information out there, so how do you wade through it and come at it with the best approach possible? We’re going to look at this from our client’s perspective in the support that’s needed for commercial office spaces.

As this topic is still at the forefront of our industry, we’re going to share our experiences with office space changes these last couple of years, different approaches that could be realized from a facility manager’s perspective, and provide some hints about what we think will be next!

Incorporating Space-as-a-Service in your workplace

In the January/February 2023 publication of FMJ, from the worldwide organization IFMA, the article Space-as-a-Service written by Andrew Millar, has some interesting viewpoints to review.

What a concept to get the brain thinking and a complete spin on the service aspect that space provides, as a purpose, not just a function. Although the notion of creating adaptable workspaces isn’t anything new, the term is not something we’ve heard yet before. This was a great shift to think about space, as a service to your employees – especially for all of CSS’ large corporate clients that have employees into the hundreds and thousands. Is the space serving your employees with more than incentives of fancy coffee machines and a desk space, as the real question to be asked is this: is it serving the right purpose? In the article, Millar shares the idea of flexibility and agility in a workspace and creating a purpose that is supporting the space rather than the space being the purpose itself. When we view office spaces with an elastic lens, we can envision how it comes together for employees and the employers. And when it does there is complete harmony in the office, at least from a workplace setup viewpoint. This article was an interesting read, and its certainly matching of the work we’ve been performing for our clients, since the beginning of re-opened workplaces, and beyond today.

For most employees and employers, having to navigate hybrid or remote work was not in the initial game plan or strategy when entering 2020. A number of companies have taken to the challenge while others are still a little discombobulated as the information on best practices changes frequently!

This is what’s currently happening in the workplaces

As we share some of the first-hand experiences we’ve had with clients throughout the pandemic, we’re proud to have been able to adapt and be as agile as can be when it comes to supporting large corporations with their employee setups. Being in the know about a variety of the approach’s businesses are taking allows us to be more informed when we’re advising our clients on best practices and options available.

Here’s what we know clients and companies have been doing, as confirmed by the work we do:

  • There is absolutely no standard approach, no matter the size of company, or industry.
  • Each company is choosing different approaches based on their own workforces and needs of the company and employees.
  • Hoteling station are back at the forefront for companies. These are individual stations that can be reserved daily for employees and aren’t permanently assigned to any one employee.
  • Increased separation between staff where available, and companies actually expanding their square footage to provide more flexibility in the places available to work for employees.
  • Instead of the standard plexi-glass screens we’ve taken to customize and install for a number of clients, we’ve had some clients who have chosen a more design/esthetic-friendly version, such as Agility’s Perseus Pocket Screen.
  • More sanitization stations have been made available throughout all spaces, common and private areas.
  • Choosing to work from home for an employee, eliminates their access to a dedicated physical office space if one was provided pre-pandemic.

As you are reading this, perhaps you’re in your corporate office, or a co-working space, or your home office. Or maybe you’re in an office building’s beautiful lobby area, you could be on the couch or still working from your dining room chair – gosh, we sure hope not!  

Yes, CSS Office Solutions in the industry of office moving, services and furniture products, but that surely doesn’t mean we’re one-sided in this conversation or topic. We may be a little biased, but we also understand that as the world of work evolves, we need to be right there with it and ready to support as our clients need!

Random fact: CSS Office Solutions was deemed an essential service at the onset of covid in 2020. Our office never physically shut down. You would have seen our crews taking care of necessary work, assisting clients with setting up their staff at their homes, and creating adjusted office spaces to accommodate safety needs and new protocols.

Where does it go from here?

We’re still taking care of these items today! Assisting with work from home office setups and furniture deliveries and installations, plus all the usual stuff we’ve always done. Have we mentioned how much we love moving offices, especially the really large ones!

That’s right, our clients are active. There is positive movement and there’s negative movement.

Positive movement is what we term as increasing space or taking on more square footage, as a business expands their office space needs, or better utilizing the current space. Negative movement is what we at CSS refer to as a decrease in a client’s space needs or reducing their overall physical office footprint. As much as we think that there would be more negative movement, we’re also seeing signs of wonderful positive movement in office spaces and buildings. Different sectors are growing, and industries are changing their approach when it comes to occupying space.

What do you need to know or plan for the future of your workplace? Be agile, and adaptable while being open to options. And work with a service company that really listens to your needs as a client and provides you with a variety of options based on those needs.

Are you struggling with how to use your office as a service to your employees, with the right purpose? Give us a call today, or send us an email, to learn more about the available options for furniture support within your office space and how CSS can provide all you’ll ever need from an office furniture service company!

Reference: IFMA, FMJ Publication

2023 January/February. Space-as-a-Service. IFMA, FMJ. Page 34-35/85

Working Together : The Inside Scoop on Our Partnerships

CSS Office Solutions Inc. works with many different industries, sizes of companies, and partners who hire us for their projects! Being B2B (business-to-business) means that our company mainly supports corporations and commercial clients with their office furniture and service needs. In addition to supporting the B2B market, CSS also offers retail sales, or B2C (business-to-consumer) sales, for individuals who are interested in purchasing office furniture for themselves.

Durable, high-quality office furniture certainly isn’t a luxury only offices and commercial clients can enjoy – we’ve supported the setup of a few incredible home offices, and we most certainly acknowledge that everyone deserves great office furniture!!

CSS has grown into the company it is today because it has been built on relationships that exist beyond the transactional component of the sale. Our company values: integrity, craftsmanship, collaboration, and support – combined lead to great things! When we work with our clients, our general contractors or design/furniture partners, the interactions and projects include collaborating together, supporting one another, showcasing exemplary craftmanship with the utmost integral of relations. All together this creates trust; it creates a professional relationship that can be counted on time and time again as this is what clients of CSS have come to know and appreciate. When our company and our clients, or the partners who hire CSS for their projects, work together with the intention of reaching the same goal, incredible things happen!

Therefore, is it important for CSS to recognize the partners that we work alongside with, and who we work for.

Not only are we engaged directly by corporate clients, but we’re also hired by, what we refer to as, partners. These partners are comprised of general contractors, office designers or office stagers, carpet or shelving distributors, etc. where CSS’ services are needed to support furniture components or office related items pertaining to completing a project.

CSS is directly contracted by a few furniture manufacturers to perform warranty or other service work on their products. We also work closely with and support building operators, owners, and management companies as these businesses require furniture services and moving more often than most realize, or they require an office move or furniture service for their own head office in Calgary. Commercial realtors are another example of partners that have leveraged the services and offerings of CSS as we’re fortunate to have a couple of great relationships within this industry. CSS Office Solutions has previously been hired to support home builders with showhome furniture setups and storage, plus assisting with moves within their head office. When someone thinks about office furniture, at CSS we know it extends well beyond the office limits, as developing or upkeeping an office isn’t in just one vendor’s wheelhouse, but a combined level of expertise to deliver the desired outcome of each unique project.

Think about an office renovation and all the types of companies and trades that are involved from start to finish. CSS Office Solutions has been contracted to manage several parts of a project so that the other trades and contractors can manage what’s in their domain or specialty, and we can manage what’s within our capabilities and expertise. Having CSS as not only a trusted advisor for all things office furniture related, but also as a trusted partner goes well beyond just hiring a service provider.

General contractors and designers are often an integral part of a successful office furniture service company. CSS Office Solutions’ team provides the expertise and experience to ensure that the furniture being provided is of the highest quality and meets the desired specifications. Designers work with the contractor to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design for the office space. Designers can also support valuable advice on the best type of furniture to meet the needs of the office, and the best way to incorporate it into the existing space – this is a specialty of CSS, so when we work with a designer, real magic happens!

Working together, CSS and the contractor and designer can create a space that meets the client’s needs and budget, while creating an aesthetically pleasing space. Along with CSS Office Solutions, the contractor and designer are also valuable parts of the team in providing office design and setups.

In addition to corporate and commercial clients, the partners that engage CSS to support their projects as they relate to office furniture services and/or moving requirements are:

  • General Contractors
  • Designers (Office or Home, but primarily Office)
  • Building Managers
  • Building Operators
  • Building Owners
  • Furniture Stagers
  • Carpet Manufacturers or Suppliers
  • Mobile Shelving Manufacturers or Suppliers

Partnerships in our industry are key to success. Having been in business for well over 35 years, we can say without a doubt that if a company builds and maintains the proper partnerships you’re always going to operate with integrity, deliver craftmanship, enhance true collaboration and feel supported.

CSS is beyond delighted to have created amazingly strong and dependable partnerships over the years, where CSS is relied upon and where CSS can rely on our partners 100%.

If you’re a partner that’s interested in learning more about what it means to collaborate with CSS Office Solutions, feel free to reach out! We’re always looking to grow our trusted partnerships and deliver the highest level of office furniture services to the Calgary area. Exemplary office furniture support shouldn’t be hard to find. If you’re working on a commercial, corporate, or office project that requires maneuvering of office furniture in any capacity, call an expert to ensure the items are moved, managed and handled correctly for the best care of the items; make sure your call is to CSS Office Solutions for the right support! 

Lastly, if you’re in need of renovating or constructing your office space – reach out! We’d be happy to connect with you from the start of your project through to its completion, and are able to recommend incredible designers, and general contractors that we’ve worked with prior that have a proven history of amazing projects!

Interested in learning more about the partnerships we leverage?! You should be, cause they’re amazing! Call or email the office, it would be great to hear from you!

DYK: CSS Office Solutions has a YouTube Channel!

Although it isn’t the newest news, we thought it worthwhile to reintroduce that CSS Office Solutions Inc. has its own YouTube Channel! You can say you heard it here first, unless of course you’ve been to our channel or are a follower of, in which case we applaud and appreciate you!

Interestingly enough, CSS Office Solutions debuted itself on YouTube with its first video over six years ago! Yes, six years ago which seems like a lifetime when you consider what’s gone on since then!

You’ll find our YouTube Channel here: CSS Office Solutions’ YouTube Channel

Our first videos published were demonstrating to clients how to construct our moving boxes. A simple concept that led to a brilliant idea!

Not-so-fun-fact: if the moving boxes aren’t assembled correctly, you run the risk of damaging your items being moved, or worse hurting yourself during the process. For instance, if the side sections of the moving box are assembled incorrectly, the bottom of the box will literally flap wide open the moment you lift it. If you’re picturing a gif with a person lifting a moving box, and the contents fall out of the bottom, that’s exactly what would happen if the box isn’t constructed the way its intended to be.

Our moving boxes are delivered flat to our customers, and let’s be honest no flat items are easy to make work easily unless you know exactly what you’re doing!

Often CSS would ensure that all boxes delivered were assembled on-site for the client, or show a client contact how to construct them so that person was able to instruct others.

For the times where a client wanted to assemble the boxes themselves, we would often receive calls asking us how to build the boxes, along with an expectation of being able to walk someone through the assembly instructions over the phone. Imagine trying to build anything flat-packed, on the phone with someone giving you the build instructions – exactly, not so much, right!?

What did we learn from this: we needed to create a better way to instruct our customers that want to build the boxes themselves, with an easy how-to guide.

The idea lightbulb went off, and so started the beginning of our YouTube first appearance 

YouTube is a great way for CSS to be able to share our knowledge and inform our customers of pertinent information that’s available at their fingertips!

We’re proud to keep these initial videos in our channel today for a couple of reasons: they are still used by our clients (although they could use a refresh!), and it reminds us at CSS where we started. We may not be experts at creating videos, but we’re certainly experts when it comes to office moves, services, and installations – so that’s what we’re showcasing to our audience with our YouTube Channel.

From our first videos to now, lots has changed – in our industry, in our offerings, in our clients’ needs, etc. One thing has remained the same, CSS is constantly looking for ways to deliver more value to our customers. Putting customers first has always been at the core of our business, from day one in 1984 when the founder started CSS. We’re a company that views each client as more of a relationship that matters and we’re invested in, vs. strictly transactional.

While seeking to assist our customers grow their knowledge, answer their questions in a better way while positioning the company on a variety of media platforms, it was only a matter of time before we looked to YouTube to continue building our video library.

Over the last bit, we’ve learned a lot in-house about video editing options, captions, and flow of images, plus content – it has certainly been an interested ride especially knowing that offices these days are not advertised in the same way as ‘back when’…. Just the other day we joked that it doesn’t seem that long ago when all you needed to advertise was to have a great, large Yellow Pages ad – now we’re making videos and snippets to entice business!

YouTube has long since been a contributor of information, knowledge, and verification. As we’ve seen other platforms grow their audience, we appreciate the ability to upload and share videos from YouTube through to our other media platforms.

As CSS Office Solutions has continued building the library of available videos on our channel, it has always remained of importance to ensure clients, potential and current, find value within the content we share. At the time of this blog, we have published a total of seven videos, plus the first couple from six years ago.

We’re proud to share a little bit more about CSS and the services we offer through our YouTube Channel, as a challenge we often encounter is having our clientele know about all the exciting offerings and services we’re capable of completing! CSS is more than your average office moving company, we take it further and ensure that there is more substance delivered beyond the outstanding service we provide.

Interested to learn more about CSS Office Solutions corporate values? Or perhaps you want to see the transformation that can take place with furniture repairs completed by our incredible experts? You’ll be able to find this and so much more on CSS’ YouTube Channel.

We plan on adding in more as the years go by so if there’s a topic or area of interest that you’d benefit from having published in a video, reach out to our office and share your suggestion! Call or email us today!

Our friendly staff are always available to take your calls or respond to your emails during our regular business hours. Reach out anytime and learn about the available office services and offerings available through CSS Office Solutions!

The CSS People That Make it Happen – Sudipta

Meet Sudipta, our outstanding Operations Assistant!

Today it gives me great pleasure to introduce one of CSS’ newer family members, Sudipta!  Sudipta completed her practicum through CIWA with CSS, and after a short period of time it became clear to us that she should be part of the CSS family – and she agreed because as soon as her practicum was finished, she was hired on full time!  She now occupies the title of Operations Assistant.

As you know now from reading previous staff introductions, we like to ask our crew a few “get to know you” questions and here is what Sudipta had to say:

Sudipta really appreciates the work culture and ethics that CSS holds.  She says the management and crew members are all so extremely warm, helpful, understanding, and supportive.  In her own words “I feel so blessed to be a part of the CSS Office team”.

As an immigrant to Canada, Sudipta literally had zero background knowledge of our industry so something she found interesting was that there is so much more to it than just selling office furniture.  It’s a huge industry, with many nuances that we’re pretty sure not very many people actually understand.

If Sudipta wins the lottery she would help others who are in need!  Although I’m willing to bet it would probably come after she takes her family on a world tour – that would be so much fun!  She loves Indian and Italian food – and even though she’s tried numerous different styles of cuisine she still considers herself not to be a foodie – and is definitely more inclined toward Indian cuisine.  Sudipta isn’t much of a drinker and there is nothing wrong with that!  She prefers a coffee…whether its hot or cold is totally dependent on the weather.  Occasionally she’ll treat herself to a soft drink – but the go to for sure is water.  Gotta stay hydrated!

Sudipta hasn’t spent a lot of time in downtown Calgary, so when we asked what her favorite building was…she was a bit stumped.  Ultimately, she chose Telus Sky, as it has a beautiful night view.  Agreed!  It’s stunning!  As far as a favorite place to visit is concerned, she has many!  She’s been to Waterton and greatly enjoys that atmosphere.  Lake Louise is beautiful (isn’t it!), Moraine Lake is mesmerizing, Kananaskis, Banff…the list literally goes on!  She admits she has lots left to explore in this wonderous province but, clearly, she’s off to a good start!

When asked if she wanted to share anything else, this was her response.  “It has been an amazing journey with CSS.  When I first started, not to lie, I was super nervous and excited at the same time.  I had no idea how things would go, where my path would lead; I still feel nostalgic looking back at my days when I first started my practicum with CSS with a positive outlook, eagerness to learn and avail the opportunity as much as I could.  But now it’s all history!  I am with CSS now, still a long way to go and lots to learn from the iconic CSS team.  For this I would definitely like to thank management and the rest of the team for being so welcoming, kind and wonderful to me.”

The Problems Solved by CSS Office Solutions

CSS solves your furniture and moving problems!

At CSS Office Solutions we deliver the unexpected when it comes to all things related to office furniture. Sure, we’re known as office movers, furniture installers, etc. but it goes way beyond that!

We solve furniture and moving problems for clients, we assist with space adjustment needs and we take a load off the office furniture and your workspace to-do list!

CSS is known around the Calgary area for the extra level of customer service we provide, which means that on top of delivering outstanding office furniture solutions, we take it further… so far in fact that our clients that we’ve performed work for truly understand it when we say: pick up the phone and contact CSS, and in one call we’ll take care of it all!

CSS delivers office furniture solutions if your office is moving, whether you need office furniture for your space, or you’re needing to expand or condense the setup to accommodate the square footage you occupy. Whatever you may need for your office environment and furniture as a company, it is all handled professionally by CSS Office Solutions!

We created a simplified list of the common problems CSS Office Solutions solves for our clientele:

  • Incorrect furniture in the space or the furniture items not being used for the desired setup
  • Wanting to use the current furniture differently (reconfiguring the items)
  • Having a couple pieces of furniture, but needing more pieces or components to complete the space design (desks, panels, chairs, etc.) to complete it
  • Needing additional furniture parts to complete an office layout (going from a workstation pod of three to a pod of four, as an example)
  • Relocation of an office space in its entirety
  • Transitioning or organization of file room spaces or storage rooms
  • Converting offices to open spaces or creating more/fewer private offices
  • Furniture that’s in disrepair needing some TLC
  • Too many furniture pieces or items in the space that need to be stored elsewhere
  • Getting spaces ready for subleasing by setting them up in a standard layout
  • Decommissioning a space that’s no longer needed

To deliver the true one-stop-shop for all the office furniture service needs a corporation could possibly dream of, CSS has it covered with the right solution! CSS mainly supports large corporations that have staffing into the hundreds and thousands as we’ve found that the needs of this customer group match amazingly with our depth of offerings and partnerships.

We also enjoy collaborating with general contractors and designers. Ever think about what furniture moving needs there are while you’re doing an office renovation or a new build?! We think about those things all the time (we may even dream about them!), and that’s why we deliver solutions that put your mind at ease knowing all the little details are considered and covered. 

Delivering a solution in our world is having a handle on all the moving parts within a project, or any on-site visit and all that result in little to no deficiencies. And then making sure to consistently deliver on this execution!

This is what we strive for at CSS, the consistent delivery of outstanding customer service and outcomes that far exceed our client’s expectations. If you’ve been on the opposite end of the customer service spectrum with your office move provider, it will be worth your while to investigate other possible suppliers.

It’s important to realize that price doesn’t always win or provide you with what you may have expected as delivered results. This ends up costing you as a client more; more time, more money! More time to accommodate multiple deficiency trips back to the space, you may not be paying for the deficiencies with money, but you’re paying for it with your time.

Call our office today to experience the feeling of problems solved, tasks taken off your to-do list and all your office furniture service or moving needs vanished from your responsibility – poof, enter CSS Office Solutions! We’re looking forward to your call and showing the solutions that are available for your office furniture service, product, and moving needs! 

We've Moved!

Our new address is:

2620 – 61 Avenue SE,

Calgary, AB T2C 4V2

Moving forward, all pickups and drop-offs will be at our new location. 

We’re excited to serve you at our new home!