Looking for an extensive selection of office furniture? CSS Office Solutions supplies new and used furniture. 

We supply all types of office furnishings for office interiors and commercial spaces.

We work with a variety of industries, including supplying for residential office needs.

  • Businesses of all sizes and spaces
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Libraries
  • Medical and Clinical
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Oil & Gas
  • Start Ups

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At CSS Office Solutions, our dedicated support for office furniture sales, specifically curated for large-scale offices, extends to a meticulous procurement process to meet your unique business needs.

Strategic Selection:

Collaborative consultations to understand your specific furniture requirements.

Careful consideration of design, functionality, and scalability for large office spaces.

Supplier Negotiation:

Utilization of our industry expertise to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf.

Securing cost-effective deals without compromising on the quality of the furniture.

Timely Delivery:

Efficient coordination and scheduling to ensure timely delivery of furniture.

Minimization of downtime, enabling your office to function seamlessly.

Quality Assurance:

Rigorous quality checks on all procured furniture to guarantee durability.

Partnering with reputable suppliers to provide products that meet industry standards.

Custom Solutions:

Offering customizable options to align with your office’s unique aesthetic and functional requirements.

Tailoring furniture selections to enhance the overall design and ambiance.

Our procurement process is designed to streamline the acquisition of new furniture, providing your office with a comprehensive solution that combines quality, functionality, and design integrity.

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Representing brands who value the same in quality, client satisfaction, and craftsmanship!

From supporting Facility Managers, Project Managers, to Office, Admin, HR & Legal Administrators, CSS is with you each step of the way. To ease your to-do list and remove some tasks while being rest-assured it’s all taken care of professionally and efficiently. 

Reach out to learn how this could be your very own facility/office to-do list that’s getting shorter and shorter! 


Our procurement process is designed to streamline the acquisition of new furniture, providing your office with a comprehensive solution that combines quality, functionality, and design integrity.

Discover unmatched value and style with our exclusive selection of quality, pre-owned office furniture. Our curated offerings showcase a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, providing a cost-effective solution for elevating your workspace. 

Explore the possibilities of premium furnishings that not only meet but exceed your expectations, as we redefine excellence in the realm of used office furniture sales.

Contact our office today to learn about the available selection, or check out our e-commerce options!


CSS cares for all the details! We manage all move and furniture projects from beginning to end, always complete with our high level of customer experience!

A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

Facility management services designed to optimize and streamline various aspects of your corporate environment.

We provide install services for all makes and manufacturers of office furniture systems and furniture components. Including libraries and wall systems. 


We've Moved!

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Moving forward, all pickups and drop-offs will be at our new location. 

We’re excited to serve you at our new home!