Embarking on an office relocation can be a daunting task, but with CSS Office Solutions, the process becomes not only manageable but also enhanced through our specialized Move Management services. Far beyond a conventional moving service, CSS is your dedicated advisor and partner, specializing in fully-managed commercial and corporate office moves of various scopes and configurations.

Our commitment goes well beyond the ordinary as we support and manage every aspect of your transition, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process from thought to completion. CSS Office Solutions is your single point of contact for all your office moving and transformation needs, placing emphasis on the pivotal role of our all-encompassing Move Management services.

What makes us an indispensable partner in your office move project? Our Move Management services come at no additional cost to you! That’s correct – our belief in the value of collaboration and the support derived from a trusted partner means we don’t impose extra fees for a service that’s included as part of the corporate move process. At CSS, we prioritize our clients, providing peace of mind and a streamlined approach to office moves with support from our comprehensive Move Management services.

Whether you’re contemplating an office relocation or require assistance with a furniture project, reach out to us today. Benefit from a no-obligation, hassle-free, and fully-explained quote, and discover the unparalleled support that CSS Office Solutions brings to your unique requirements through our specialized Move Management services. 

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Office moves, furniture installations, and workplace relocations represent significant changes for any business. They require coordination, effort, and meticulous planning. We get that, and we aim to remove that burden by providing support for you! Experience the support you receive as a client with our Move Management offerings.

How do we assist?

  • Pre-Move Consultation: We’ll conduct a thorough pre-move consultation to understand your needs. This ensures that every facet resonates with your vision, from collaborating with vendors/designers/GCs to space planning. 
  • Comprehensive Coordination: An office move requires orchestrating numerous details. We manage outsourced IT and electrical needs, coordinate with other vendors, and handle every aspect, ensuring a coherent and integrated moving process. 
  • Planning and Design Management: We specialize in space and design management. Trust us to perfect office layouts to ensure your space isn’t just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Detailed Timeline and Budget Oversight: Beyond the physical move, we emphasize planning and executing the transition right, adhering to timelines and budgets.
  • Efficient Packing and Transport: We handle each step with unmatched professionalism, from packing/unpacking materials to transporting them safely. Using specialized equipment ensures the safety and protection of all your items.
  • Post-Move Assistance: Once everything’s in place, our after-move services or post-move assistance ensures you’re settled and delighted. Be it setting up artwork or adjusting furniture for ergonomic setups, we’re there for you.

Regardless of the move or project’s scale, whether it’s managing moves of a couple of staff throughout the floor or for thousands of employees, we’ve showcased unmatched move management proficiency since 1984.

CSS brings many years of project and account management experience. Read more about our client experiences in our testimonials.

Reach out today to learn more about how CSS can manage your moves and furniture projects!


Are you tired of the stress and hassle that comes with office moves, furniture installations, and workplace relocations? We understand that these changes can be a significant burden on any business. That’s why we’re here to truly help. Because at CSS Office Solutions we really do care!

Our comprehensive support takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry. 

Our full-service offering doesn’t just describe our services; it embodies each one of our company’s values. Since 1984, we’ve showcased unmatched proficiency in managing office moves of all scales, from a couple of staff throughout the floor to thousands of employees.

With our support, you can rest easy, knowing that every detail of your office move, furniture installation, or workplace relocation is taken care of. Choose us, and we’ll make sure your move is not only stress-free but also a complete success!


We supply high-quality moving products, including sturdy boxes, reusable bins, and labels, plus other packing materials.

We manage it all, including sourcing and supplying new (or used) office furniture for commercial or residential needs!

A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

We provide install services for all makes and manufacturers of office furniture systems and furniture components. Including libraries and wall systems. 

We pride ourselves on offering the right solutions
and doing things the right way.