Are you using Space-as-a-Service?

At CSS Office Solutions, we’ve been carefully observing the trends, questions, and articles that relate to the industry of office moving and setups, not only throughout the pandemic but continuing into the now. There is lots of information out there, so how do you wade through it and come at it with the best approach possible? We’re going to look at this from our client’s perspective in the support that’s needed for commercial office spaces.

As this topic is still at the forefront of our industry, we’re going to share our experiences with office space changes these last couple of years, different approaches that could be realized from a facility manager’s perspective, and provide some hints about what we think will be next!

Incorporating Space-as-a-Service in your workplace

In the January/February 2023 publication of FMJ, from the worldwide organization IFMA, the article Space-as-a-Service written by Andrew Millar, has some interesting viewpoints to review.

What a concept to get the brain thinking and a complete spin on the service aspect that space provides, as a purpose, not just a function. Although the notion of creating adaptable workspaces isn’t anything new, the term is not something we’ve heard yet before. This was a great shift to think about space, as a service to your employees – especially for all of CSS’ large corporate clients that have employees into the hundreds and thousands. Is the space serving your employees with more than incentives of fancy coffee machines and a desk space, as the real question to be asked is this: is it serving the right purpose? In the article, Millar shares the idea of flexibility and agility in a workspace and creating a purpose that is supporting the space rather than the space being the purpose itself. When we view office spaces with an elastic lens, we can envision how it comes together for employees and the employers. And when it does there is complete harmony in the office, at least from a workplace setup viewpoint. This article was an interesting read, and its certainly matching of the work we’ve been performing for our clients, since the beginning of re-opened workplaces, and beyond today.

For most employees and employers, having to navigate hybrid or remote work was not in the initial game plan or strategy when entering 2020. A number of companies have taken to the challenge while others are still a little discombobulated as the information on best practices changes frequently!

This is what’s currently happening in the workplaces

As we share some of the first-hand experiences we’ve had with clients throughout the pandemic, we’re proud to have been able to adapt and be as agile as can be when it comes to supporting large corporations with their employee setups. Being in the know about a variety of the approach’s businesses are taking allows us to be more informed when we’re advising our clients on best practices and options available.

Here’s what we know clients and companies have been doing, as confirmed by the work we do:

  • There is absolutely no standard approach, no matter the size of company, or industry.
  • Each company is choosing different approaches based on their own workforces and needs of the company and employees.
  • Hoteling station are back at the forefront for companies. These are individual stations that can be reserved daily for employees and aren’t permanently assigned to any one employee.
  • Increased separation between staff where available, and companies actually expanding their square footage to provide more flexibility in the places available to work for employees.
  • Instead of the standard plexi-glass screens we’ve taken to customize and install for a number of clients, we’ve had some clients who have chosen a more design/esthetic-friendly version, such as Agility’s Perseus Pocket Screen.
  • More sanitization stations have been made available throughout all spaces, common and private areas.
  • Choosing to work from home for an employee, eliminates their access to a dedicated physical office space if one was provided pre-pandemic.

As you are reading this, perhaps you’re in your corporate office, or a co-working space, or your home office. Or maybe you’re in an office building’s beautiful lobby area, you could be on the couch or still working from your dining room chair – gosh, we sure hope not!  

Yes, CSS Office Solutions in the industry of office moving, services and furniture products, but that surely doesn’t mean we’re one-sided in this conversation or topic. We may be a little biased, but we also understand that as the world of work evolves, we need to be right there with it and ready to support as our clients need!

Random fact: CSS Office Solutions was deemed an essential service at the onset of covid in 2020. Our office never physically shut down. You would have seen our crews taking care of necessary work, assisting clients with setting up their staff at their homes, and creating adjusted office spaces to accommodate safety needs and new protocols.

Where does it go from here?

We’re still taking care of these items today! Assisting with work from home office setups and furniture deliveries and installations, plus all the usual stuff we’ve always done. Have we mentioned how much we love moving offices, especially the really large ones!

That’s right, our clients are active. There is positive movement and there’s negative movement.

Positive movement is what we term as increasing space or taking on more square footage, as a business expands their office space needs, or better utilizing the current space. Negative movement is what we at CSS refer to as a decrease in a client’s space needs or reducing their overall physical office footprint. As much as we think that there would be more negative movement, we’re also seeing signs of wonderful positive movement in office spaces and buildings. Different sectors are growing, and industries are changing their approach when it comes to occupying space.

What do you need to know or plan for the future of your workplace? Be agile, and adaptable while being open to options. And work with a service company that really listens to your needs as a client and provides you with a variety of options based on those needs.

Are you struggling with how to use your office as a service to your employees, with the right purpose? Give us a call today, or send us an email, to learn more about the available options for furniture support within your office space and how CSS can provide all you’ll ever need from an office furniture service company!

Reference: IFMA, FMJ Publication

2023 January/February. Space-as-a-Service. IFMA, FMJ. Page 34-35/85

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