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With nearly four decades of expertise, we excel in seamlessly installing both new and used furniture, offering disassembly and reassembly for every make and model. Whether it’s a single desk or a multi-floor corporate workspace, our track record speaks for itself—reliable, efficient, and committed to delivering a superior client experience every time. 

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At CSS, we elevate the standard of office furniture installation by cultivating expertise through hands-on training, both on and off-site, with exposure to a diverse array of products. This commitment ensures that our highly trained installation experts possess the knowledge and skills required to seamlessly execute your project. From familiarity with various manufacturers to understanding the intricacies of assembling each piece with precision using the right tools and equipment, we guarantee a flawless installation on the first attempt, minimizing the risk of damages. Our dedication to keeping our personnel current on major furniture lines, whether new or used, underscores our commitment to delivering a service that instills confidence and ensures the success of your project.



Do you need libraries in your workplace? Or a management system for files? Yes, we can do those too! CSS has completed several installations and reconfigurations for public libraries throughout Alberta. CSS also has extensive contacts with manufacturers that can make and provide you with a wide variety of furniture to meet your filing needs, from file cabinets to shelving to large mobile systems, while preserving the aesthetic of your office.  This level of service includes all the necessary details, from the shelving being received/inspected at our warehouse, delivery of all items to the site, and installation of each unique area of shelving using a floor plan, delivering a complete and well-furnished library, or a well–organized filing system for your workplace.​


Transform your workspace with our comprehensive service offering encompassing the expert installation of wall panels, glass walls, and various other cutting-edge wall systems. At CSS, we specialize in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our experienced team is well-versed in handling diverse materials and wall configurations, ensuring seamless integration and a polished finish. Whether you’re envisioning a modern glass partition to enhance collaboration or a sophisticated wall panel system to redefine your office aesthetics, we bring a blend of expertise and precision to every installation. Trust us to elevate your space, delivering not just walls but innovative solutions that enhance the overall atmosphere and functionality of your environment.

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If you’ve purchased your furniture elsewhere and aren’t sure what to do now, never fear!  Even before you order, reach out and we’ll assist throughout the process including having your furniture shipped directly to our warehouse. We specialize in distribution services such as receiving and inspections. We’ll prepare and deliver to the site and expertly install it according to specific layouts and instructions.

Or, if you have new furniture already on site and you’re not sure what to do now? That’s okay, call us and let us take care of it all! We’ll unbox and assemble on-site and remove the packaging materials, so it was like it arrived built and installed! Stress-free for the clients, that’s what we’re all about!

furniture removal and recycling

Removal of your old worn-out furniture, installing the new, and carrying out the disposal of the old furniture might seem like a time-consuming and arduous task. Let CSS take care of removing the old furniture and setting up the new furniture, all done in a timely manner!  We’ll ensure that any usable parts and pieces are kept out of the landfill, and we’ll recycle all applicable metal items and provide you with a credit on your invoice!

From supplying and/or installing one desk to providing multiple floors of office furniture products and wall supply/installation services – we’ve got you covered! 

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Adjusting and optimizing the workspace layout, and furnishings in an office to enhance the environment.

We supply high-quality moving products, including sturdy boxes, reusable bins, and labels, plus other packing materials.

We manage it all, including sourcing and supplying new (or used) office furniture for commercial or residential needs!

A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

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