What do we do at CSS Office Solutions?
The easiest answer is if you need it for your office, we do it! We’ve tried our best to give you an overview on this page, but if you don’t see a service you’re interested in here, just give us a call and chances are good that we do that too!

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Move Management

The CSS Office Solutions team is here to help you and your company manage all aspects of your corporate relocation or moving project. We understand that office moves, furniture installations and workplace relocations can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our team of dedicated Account Managers works hand in hand with you throughout each step of the moving process to ensure your move is planned and executed efficiently, while minimizing the disruption to your business operations. 

As your move or project manager, we’ll handle all aspects of your office move! Yes, all! This can include, (but is certainly not limited to!) coordinating with building management, organizing the packing and transport of your furniture and equipment between any locations, and managing the installation of your new space furniture components and contents. We’ll also help you develop a detailed timeline and budget, ensuring that your move stays on track at all times. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the process that sets CSS apart and to know how we can successfully manage your commercial move or furniture project with ease, call us today! 

We’ve been efficiently and successfully moving offices and managing move projects since 1984. Trust the experts when it comes time to move or shuffle your office space.

Commercial Relocations

We can move a single employee across the hall or intricately organize and expertly execute the relocation of the biggest corporation in Calgary. We have the experience, the team and the right equipment to make your move as easy as possible.
Our Account Management team will:
  • Assist with pre-planning and consultation (including working with interior design firms and contractors)
  • Offer detailed estimates with no obligation
  • Produce detailed drawings and office configurations
  • Assist with elevator scheduling
  • Arrange building access and security clearance
  • Prepare comprehensive move schedules
With superior security protocols and secure packing materials, we take all necessary steps to keep your information safe and secure.
We have moved our clients all over North America, and even to Cuba!

On-Site Services

One of the most common types of assistance that CSS provides is pre-arranged on-site office services. This type of service can be scheduled five days a week, once a week, or once per month to take care of your office furniture service needs.
With this type of service, clients recognize familiar faces on-site as well as encountering in-depth knowledge of the required services, office layout standards, and knowledge of the specific facility.
With guaranteed scheduled service time frames or dates for clients who choose this option, you will have peace of mind knowing that your facility requirements are taken care of properly and efficiently.
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Furniture Locksmiths

From unlocking a file cabinet in an emergency, fixing a sticky lock mechanism, to rekeying an entire floor of office furniture to match one key, we have the proficiency and tools to get the job done right.
If you’re not sure of the brand or manufacturer, don’t worry! CSS can source and supply various furniture manufacturers’ lock components and materials.
We offer the following locksmith services:
  • Key replacement from client provided copy of coded key
  • New office furniture keys from code
  • Replacement of new locking mechanisms and components
  • Installing new or swapping existing locks
  • Rekeying locks to match all furniture within an office
  • Unlocking cabinets and doors
  • Emergency locksmith service
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Office Reconfigurations

We have trained specialists that can modify or reconfigure your office furniture. This type of service often includes requests such as resizing current furnishings to fit a new layout, or adding an extension to a desk surface. This can all be accomplished with CSS’ personnel taking care of your furniture reconfiguration needs. 
We’re also fantastic at sourcing required parts to complete a client’s request, so don’t be shy if you don’t have all the necessary parts in your stock. If you have workstations that need to be altered from a certain layout, we do this reconfiguration too. As an example, if you have a six-pod of workstations, it can be modified into three two-pods, or a four-pod and two-singles depending on what the specific need is.
CSS also provides height change options for a variety of surfaces found in the workplace. This can include upgrading stationary furniture to electric height adjustable, where you can adjust the working surface height with the push of a button. We’re finding that more and more often the need exists for height adjustable work environments to suit each person’s preference and ergonomic requirements.
File rooms also need reconfiguring from time to time. Whether you’re adding or condensing files, CSS has the trained staff to accommodate your file adjustment needs. 
We can also help clients who are looking to change their current shelving setup to binder height, or needing to incorporate another run of shelves.
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After Move Services

Every time one of our clients completes an internal shuffle or a building-to-building move, CSS strives to ensure all aspects have been taken care of beyond the client’s expectations. This is where Post Move Assistance or After Move Services comes into effect.
Need some artwork hung? Or some whiteboards maybe? That’s what we’re here for! 
With this service, CSS staff are made available on-site after your move, making sure everyone is 100% satisfied with their new office setup, and/or furniture components.
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Plastic Moving Bins

CSS offers plastic bin (or tote) rentals to assist and improve your office move’s efficiency. These bins are popular with our clients because they are reusable and environmentally friendly. 
These bins are extremely sturdy, made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) so they’ll securely protect your belongings during any type of move. They can also be fastened with security ties for extra protection of confidential materials while being relocated. Especially taking into consideration the low rental amount, these are a client favourite when completing any work around the office.
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CSS understands the growing concerns of having an ergonomic-friendly work environment, so we’re here to help! 
Not every piece of furniture is manufactured to fit every person, so providing an ergonomic friendly work environment is just another service that we happily offer.
We can adjust your everyday working components to better suit your working needs, such as adjusting keyboard trays or installing monitor arms. We’ve even been asked to provide extra-long gas lifts for client’s chairs so their feet are positioned in an appropriate ergonomic position.
Talk to our Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator (COEE) and learn how we can help you.

Commercial Installations

We are office furniture experts in every way! We’ve installed, dismantled and reassembled, moved, reconfigured, or repaired almost every make and model of office furniture that exists in the market today.
It is always important to ensure our personnel are kept current on the major furniture lines, especially with product lines and manufacturers constantly changing their offerings. We do this by having our employees directly exposed to a diverse variety of products and by using hands-on knowledge training.
Do we do libraries? Yes, we do those too! CSS has completed several installations and reconfigurations for public libraries throughout Alberta. This level of service includes all the necessary details, from the shelving being received at our warehouse, to CSS delivering all items to site, and installing each unique area of shelving using a floor plan.
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Warehouse Management and Storage

Since our warehouse facility is located outside the downtown core, the savings per square foot are substantial when compared with downtown storage rates. The greatest advantage of our location is that we’re able to pass these savings onto our clients. Our facility is secure and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can confidently store your product with CSS.
CSS also manages shipping and receiving arrangements for any type of assets. We provide full inspections of items including photographic documentation upon arrival, and departure from our facility.
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Records Management and Storage

CSS offers safe, secure off-site storage for all of your business records. We understand the unique requirements of companies, as well as the importance of accuracy and speed in the retrieval of your information. This is only one of the many reasons we’re hired by very well-known large companies who’ve entrusted their documents to CSS for storage and safekeeping.
We have designed a file box that is not only strong, reusable and stackable but its exterior is clean in appearance so that you can easily see labels and identification markings. Our computer system has been customized to our specific needs so that CSS can offer speed, accuracy and accountability.
CSS has three levels of response times:  
  1. Regular service: We respond to client’s retrieval and return requests by the next business day. 
  2. Rush service: We retrieve and return client’s records by the end of the business day in which they were requested. 
  3. Panic service: We retrieve and returns records with 3 business hours.
Having the ability to offer these services and being flexible to our client’s needs allows CSS to adjust to each of our client’s specific record requirements.
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Furniture Sales

CSS offers a constantly changing inventory of used furniture products. Whatever your requirements may be, CSS will have the product in our inventory, or we’ll work collaboratively to source products to satisfy client’s requirements and surpass expectations.
We stock a good cross section of used products, ranging from desk chairs to private offices, boardrooms, and everything in between.
CSS also offers new furniture sales through a couple of strong dealer partnerships. With these business relationships, we can source several brands of catalogue and full custom options.
You’re now able to virtually see the furniture we have in stock! Our entire purchasing experience can be done without any physical contact!
Our showroom is officially back open to the public!  
Please call ahead!

Furniture Rentals

Any of our furniture products are available on a rental basis. Whatever your needs may be, CSS can help coordinate your furniture rental requirements, no matter how miniscule or substantial.
There are no set rental terms or contracts and no minimum charges apply. CSS offers affordable pricing, whether based on a weekly rate, monthly rate, or if you’ll need the rentals for a longer timeframe, we’re here to help!
All of the furniture products in our stock, whether new or used, can be delivered directly to your office and professionally installed by our qualified staff members.
Learn more about our Furniture Rentals – talk to a specialist.
Let us help you virtually, without any physical contact!

Furniture Repairs

Have a sticky drawer that never seems to work properly? Call us! We will repair any of your furniture (even if it’s not ours!) so that it operates like new. CSS has the knowledge to get the job done properly, from a cabinet requiring adjustment, to supplying the file bars, to repairing antique furniture.
CSS’ furniture repair service is also requested by specific manufacturers to facilitate warranty repairs for their house accounts.
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Furniture Parts and Accessories

CSS has a wide range of parts and accessories for most major furniture lines and manufacturers. 
We also have access to a variety of suppliers for all other hard-to-find and rare parts. Many calls are received from clients that have aging furniture, and CSS has been able to assist with sourcing replacement parts.
Occasionally clients are unaware that a simple replacement part can save on the cost of complete replacement of their product. For instance, perhaps your file cabinet is in need of a sliding mechanism because it isn’t opening properly – the service cost to supply the part and complete the installation of the part would be significantly less than a new cabinet. 
If you’re unsure if you need a part or a full replacement, just ask one of our Account Manager Team Members, they’re always happy to help!
Did we mention that we can build brackets, and other furniture accessory components? We’ve done this for several clients that express the need for custom modifications.
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Furniture Touch-Ups and Refinishing

This is an economical way to improve the appearance of office furnishings without incurring expenses related to their replacement. The most common touch-up service that is requested from CSS is to remove heat stains and watermarks. This is just one process that CSS can complete which will make your furniture look brand new again!
We have a number of staff members that have undergone professional training on the best methods and techniques of the trade, so you can rest easy when CSS is on site undertaking your touch-ups.
Let us help repair your favourite furniture. Call us today!

Furniture Reupholster and Steam Cleaning

CSS offers steam cleaning services on most fabric surfaces such as seating, and workstation panels. This service is most often performed on-site after regular business hours, but arrangements can also be made to complete the service off-site.
We can also reupholster products, such as seating fabric, or the fabric found on your workstation panels. Our clients have found that this is a great revitalization of out dated or worn fabric, and at the same time being able to maintain the integrity of the original framework.
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Shredding and Paper Recycling

CSS offers a flexible document shredding program for commercial offices. Even though we no longer offer shredding services in-house, we’re happy to partner with a trusted third-party to continue to coordinate this service for our clients.

If you’re moving your office and find that you need a complete paper purge, please call CSS! We’ll arrange to deliver and pick up carts for this exact purpose!

CSS also offers recycling for paper products that are classified as non-sensitive material which are taken for recycling purposes only, not destruction. Paper products can be discarded directly into the shredding carts at your office location for ease.

All non-confidential and shredded confidential documents are taken to a paper recycling company for further cross-shredding and to complete the recycling process.

Want to know more about our shredding and paper recycling options, give us a call today!