Switching your office layout might seem like a daunting task but CSS’s trained specialists can easily take on any reconfigurations you need in your workplace. Whether you need to upsize or downsize, convert a private office to an open office, upgrade your current office layout with brand new furniture, repurpose existing furniture, or a combination of either, CSS can easily handle that for you. CSS can perform many office furniture reconfigurations easily:

  • making modifications to office furniture, such as adding an extension to a desk surface, or modifying the size of the desk,
  • turning a single office into a double or triple occupancy office using clever layouts and custom-fitted furniture.


Renovating your office space?  Or need to restack due to workplace shifts or staffing and department changes? Refreshing your furniture layout can breathe life back into your space. And NO need to worry about having to start and design from scratch yourself! CSS can update your office layout by designing and installing well-thought-out hybrid environments:

  • Presentation spaces and lounge areas with soft seating, both including mobile whiteboards and smartboards to boost productivity and employee interaction.  
  • Private spaces like privacy booths, small meeting rooms and private offices, which are known to help with concentration.

Do you want to change the aesthetics of your office altogether? Change the colors or make the lighting brighter? We have partnerships with numerous licensed professional contractors that can provide you these services and more – guaranteeing you a fast, reliable, and timely renovation!

If you're ready to book a workplace service request, or would like to receive a quote on your office reconfiguration - or maybe you're not too sure where to start, that's okay too!
Please reach out to CSS through our online request system using the links provided below!


Maybe you have a six-pod of workstations that you need to break into three two-pods, or a four-pod with two singles?  Don’t have all the necessary components to do that readily available?  We have parts and accessories readily available and we’re also fantastic at sourcing required parts to complete a request towards room layout changes, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the necessary parts in your stock.


Are your file rooms crowded and need a long-due organization reform? Or are your libraries running out of space? Whether you need to add, sort, or condense files, need to change your shelving height, or even incorporate another run of shelves, CSS has the trained staff to accommodate your file adjustment needs.


Ergonomics has recently become increasingly important in topics like employee safety and health, also affecting factors like employee satisfaction and long-term retention. Want to make your workplace safe and comfortable for your employees, but don’t know where to start? CSS will handle that for you. CSS can perform modifications like:

  • height changes or other design updates for a variety of surfaces and furniture found in your workplace.
  • upgrading stationary furniture to electric height adjustable, where you can adjust the working surface height with the push of a button.

From supporting Facility Managers, Project Managers, to Office, Admin, HR & Legal Administrators, CSS is with you each step of the way. To ease your to-do list and remove some tasks while being rest-assured it’s all taken care of professionally and efficiently. 

Reach out to learn how this could be your very own facility/office to-do list that’s getting shorter and shorter! 


Interested to learn more? At CSS Office Solutions we aim to educate our clients about the industry, current happenings, standards to expect, and just be an all-around trusted advisor! 

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A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

We handle all the smallest of details whether to move one person across the floor or your entire corporation to a new building.

We provide install services for all makes and manufacturers of office furniture systems and furniture components. Including libraries and wall systems. 

Sales of new or used office furniture for commercial or residential needs, we cover it all!