Are you renovating, relocating, or are a new business looking to furnish your workspace, and need help with installing new furniture? CSS’s experienced team can easily handle that for you. When it comes to office furniture, we have disassembled and reassembled almost every make and model that exists in the market today.  We’ve successfully completed commercial/corporate office installations of all sizes, ranging from a single desk or workstation to hundreds of desks and workstations across multiple floors.


Our professional and highly trained installation experts have the knowledge of how each piece of furniture goes together using the right tools and equipment to ensure your furniture is installed properly the first time while avoiding damages. We ensure our personnel are kept current on the major furniture lines, whether new or used. By exposing our staff to a diverse variety of products and using hands-on training both on and off-site, you get peace of mind knowing CSS has the skills required to make your project a success.

If you're ready to book a service request, or would like to receive a quote, please use our online request system using the links provided below!


Furniture installation services come in handy during relocations – hiring a full-service company like CSS can streamline the process when you move with your furniture.  No need to hire a mover and an installation company, we can do it all – saving you time, money, and stress!


Do you need libraries in your workplace? Or a management system for files? Yes, we can do those too! CSS has completed several installations and reconfigurations for public libraries throughout Alberta. CSS also has extensive contacts with manufacturers that can make and provide you with a wide variety of furniture to meet your filing needs, from file cabinets to shelving to large mobile systems, while preserving the aesthetic of your office. 

This level of service includes all the necessary details, from the shelving being received/inspected at our warehouse, delivery of all items to the site, and installation of each unique area of shelving using a floor plan, delivering a complete and well-furnished library, or a well–organized filing system for your workplace.


If you’ve purchased your furniture elsewhere and aren’t sure what to do now, never fear!  You can have your furniture shipped directly to our warehouse where we can receive and inspect it, prepare it and deliver to site and expertly install it according to your specific layouts and instructions.


New furniture already on site and you’re not sure what to do now?  That’s okay, we’ll unbox and assemble on-site and remove the packaging materials, so you don’t have to deal with it.


Removal of your old worn-out furniture, installing the new, and carrying out the disposal of the old furniture might seem like a time-consuming and arduous task. Let CSS take care of removing the old furniture and setting up the new furniture, all done in a timely manner!  We’ll ensure that any usable parts and pieces are kept out of the landfill, and we’ll recycle all metal items and provide you with a credit on your invoice!

From supplying and/or installing one desk to providing multiple floors of office furniture products and wall supply/installation services – we’ve got you covered! 

Contact our office today to discuss your upcoming installation requirements. We’re looking forward to your call! 




Want comprehensive moving services, including planning, preparation and advising support? This is a service each client receives while completing an office move with CSS, at no additional cost.

We handle all the smallest of details whether to move one person across the floor or your entire corporation to a new building.

A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

Sales of new or used office furniture for commercial or residential needs, we cover it all!