CSS Office Solutions is a leading provider of office furniture repairs, and supplier of office furniture parts and accessories! We have a wide range of specialty repair services to accommodate you as a customer and look forward to bringing your office furniture (back) to life!

Most commonly, we provide the following services related to repairs, parts and accessories:

  • Furniture repairs, such as chair lifts or arm replacements
  • Modifications of furniture or components, to adjust sizing or layouts
  • Supplying a variety of parts and accessories for all makes and models of office furniture, especially hard-to-find parts!
  •  Touch-ups to remove blemishes or scratches
  • And refinishing of furniture materials, such as desk surfaces or boardroom tables

As always, if you don’t see a service or offering that you’re looking for, give us a call to inquire! 


Have a sticky drawer that never seems to work properly? Finding yourself slowly sinking with a chair that won’t stay up? CSS provides the most detailed and in-depth offerings related to office furniture repairs. With our in-house expertise and dedicated shop area, we provide furniture repairs for all makes and models of office furniture. To have your items operating and looking like new clients have multiple options for repairs! Our team of dedicated professionals are always available to answer all your questions, provide pricing estimates for your furniture needs, and support you to make the best decision for your office furniture repairs. If you don’t know, well then, you don’t know and we’ve saved clients from a new furniture buy by being able to repair the components for a fraction of the cost = win-win! 

With our talented team, CSS has the expertise to handle any job required, including:

  • Readjustments of a cabinet
  • Supplying file bars
  • Repairing antique furniture

Additionally, CSS has been entrusted by Specialty Manufacturers to facilitate and carry-out warranty repairs for their house accounts.


We have a wide range of parts and accessories for all types and most major furniture lines and manufacturers. We also have access to a variety of suppliers for all other hard-to-find and rare parts. Many calls are received from clients that have aging furniture, and CSS has been able to assist with sourcing replacement parts.
Oftentimes, clients are unaware a simple replacement part can save them the cost of a complete replacement of their product. For instance, perhaps your file cabinet is in need of a sliding mechanism because it won’t open properly – the service cost to supply the part and complete the installation of the part would be significantly less than purchasing a new cabinet. 
If you’re unsure if you require a part or full replacement, our Account Manager Team Members will be happy to provide you with assistance. 


With our talented team, CSS has the expertise to handle any job required, including:

  • Readjustments of a cabinet
  • Supplying file bars
  • Repairing antique furniture
Numerous clients have expressed their needs for custom modifications. We can supply locks and keys for a piece of furniture that currently doesn’t lock. Our services also extend to building custom brackets and other accessory components. 


This method is an economical way to improve the appearance of office furnishings without incurring expenses related to their replacement. The most common touch-up service requested of CSS is to remove heat stains and watermarks. This is just the surface level of what CSS can provide you to make your furniture look brand new again!

With numerous staff members having undergone professional training on the best methods and techniques of the trade, you can rest easy when CSS is on site undertaking your touch-ups and making your furniture look new again. 

From repairing your favourite furniture to a simple replacement part, we got you covered! Talk to our skilled staff now!

From repairing your favourite office chair or boardroom table to needing a simple replacement part, we’ve got you covered! 



We handle all the smallest of details whether to move one person across the floor or your entire corporation to a new building.

Sales of new or used office furniture for commercial or residential needs, we cover it all!

A few boxes, an entire office, or off-site storage for a variety of needs, our warehouse is safe, secure and organized for all your needs.

We provide install services for all makes and manufacturers of office furniture systems and furniture components. Including libraries and wall systems.